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Children’s dentistry

Children’s dentistry at the “Nebolejka” Centre:

is the right choice for treatment of primary teeth, dental fissure sealing on permanent teeth (reduces the risk of the tooth decay development in 5 – 6 times) and other state-of-the-art methods of tooth decay prevention.

Oral disease prevention is one of the biggest challenges in dentistry. We will teach your child proper oral care, tell about the different procedures and methods of tooth decay prevention, such as:

  • Method of deep fluoridation of the hard tooth tissues. The procedure is aimed at strengthening the hard tooth tissues, elimination of the sensitivity and the residuals of early cariosity at initial stages.
  • Dental fissure sealing. (Fissures are folds and pits on the chewing surface of the lateral teeth.) It is performed during the first 3-4 years after the tooth eruption when the teeth are not pigmented and not affected by tooth decay.
  • Minimally invasive dentistry is the technique that is used when, on the chewing surface of the teeth, there is pigmentation and the enamel caries; the tooth is treated antiseptic, dried, filled with sealant, grinded, polished.

All procedures are absolutely painless.