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Pediatrics | Medical Centre


Pediatrics at the “Nebolejka” Centre is:

  • gatekeeping methodology to control every child during the first visit of the Centre in order to ensure the complexity of treatment;
  • consultation on the regimen and care for infants;
  • help in treatment of all pediatric diseases (especially, frequent bronchopulmonary and allergic ones);
  • detailed reading of all laboratory tests and studies in an understandable language for parents;
  • medical supervision in the most comfortable conditions for children and their parents at home or at the medical centre at pre-agreed time.

At the slightest suspicion of distresses in the child’s condition, refer to specialists. Always tell the physician the truth about the child’s state of health, the methods and outcomes of the previous treatment – this will help to establish the diagnosis quickly and precisely and prescribe effective treatment; never adjust it by yourself.