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Prevention programmes (price list) | Medical Centre

Prevention programmes (price list)

Therapeutic massage and remedial exercises

Therapeutic massage specialists of our centre will help to form a «symmetrical»
musculoskeletal apparatus, eliminate sequellae of bronchopulmonary diseases. One of the focus areas in our prevention centre is a timely detection of musculoskeletal system problems at the initial stages. A strong interrelation of orthopedist → massage therapist allows establish 100% diagnosis and make the therapeutic massage the most effective.
As for the adult part of the population, we also offer our massage services in Kharkiv.
Standard course lasts 10-15 days.

Special offers

Therapeutic Massage for babies under 2 y.o. – 15 €* for 25 min.
Therapeutic Massage for kids – from 15 €* to 25 €* (depending on the age) for 30 – 35 min
Therapeutic Massage for adults30 €* for 45 min.
Remedial exercises (individually, led by trained physiotherapist) – 12 €* for 35 min.

Salt chamber

Salt therapy for children and adults at the “Nebolejka” Centre is our new focus area and the unique for Kharkiv method for treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases.
One session in the salt chamber (45 min.) is equal for the body to three days at the seashore!!!Indications for salt chamber visiting:

  • frequent colds;
  • compromised immunity;
  • mild to moderate bronchial asthma;
  • bronchitides, rhinitides, sinusitides, tracheitides, snoring;

Our price:

First salt therapy session (20 min.) – FOR FREE!!!
1 salt therapy session for one person (45 min.) – 5 €*
1 salt therapy session – adult and a child (45 min.) – 8 €*
10 -15 salt therapy sessions – one person or adult and a child – from 10% to 15%